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School Holiday fun with meaning


Designed for teenagers aged 13 to 17 Years, our School Holiday Workshop program will provide an opportunity for learning and growth in a safe, creative, and positive environment. 


Our classes are facilitated by our experienced Teachers, Artists  and Counsellors who will ensure that your teenager has an opportunity to explore and discuss relevant issues to their world t at their own pace in a supervised setting and amongst their friends and peers.


The teens are grouped according to age so they are comfortable in their age group.


This is a great way for teenagers to positively spend their time away from gadgets and devices and have an opportunity for personal growth with their peers.



Our program address current and relevant concerns for teens such as:


self esteem

body Issues

anxiety and depression

social pressures

how to reach out for support when they need it.

how to build resilience


We have designed the program to be positive and thought provoking and to help teens build self confidence, resilience, to express their feelings and emotions, maintain healthy boundaries and adopt good coping strategies.



Activities Include:


A Morning yoga class and meditation to commence the day 


Art therapy activities (painting, drawing, sculpting, art making) that include working with a group and solo activities.


Group discussions, reflections and sharing


Designing a personal journal to learn the art of journaling as an expression


Dance offs and lip sync battles for some light hearted fun and entertainment 


A Closing meditation mindful practice to conclude each day









MONDAY  19th September 2022

TUESDAY 20th September 2022

WEDNESDAY 21st September 2022

THURSDAY 22nd September 2022 

Friday 23rd September 2022


Start Time: 9 am

Finish time: 4.30pm





MONDAY 3rd October 2022
TUESDAY 4th October 2022
WEDNESDAY 5th October 2022
THURSDAY 6th October 2022

FRIDAY 7th October 2022



Start Time: 9 am

Finish time: 4.30pm



Good Counsel Retreat Space
Level 1, Suites 19-22,6a Prosperity Parade, WARRIEWOOD



$60 per day  (Teenagers can attend a single day or all days of the program, the activities vary from day to day)



  • Art materials and resource books
  • Personal Journal to make their own and keep for reference and support 
  • A healthy organic lunch, filtered water and snacks are provided.
  • (Please indicate if your child has any special dietary needs, allergies or behavioural issues)
  •  Yoga and meditation class facilitation
  • All Art works created by your child or teen are able to be brought home for them to keep.


Payent is via cash/credit card or direct deposit


To register or for info or to request a BOOKING SHEET please email or visit our contact page.


Please phone 0409 253 277 for any questions.











Thursday 1st September 2022

Time 5.30pm-7.30pm


This is an open event for the parents and carers of children and teenagers who may be experiencing difficulties emotionally, mentally and physically.


The group is a respectful sharing of ideas and to provide caring assistance, support and skills to Parents and Carers who are supporting children and teenagers with issues such as:



Self Harming

Mental Health Issues

Stress (Family stress/ School Stress)

Social pressures


Social Isolation


This event will be facilitated by Qualified professional Counsellors and Educators and Mental Health guest speakers.


The topics to be covered will be discussed for our first session and we will work within a mutually agreed framework so all attendees are able to be supported in a safe and appropriate manner. 


Refreshments/ light supper provided


To register your interest in attending please visit our contact page or email to RSVP 



Good Counsel Event Space

Suites 19-22 

6a Prosperity Parade






























Transform Your Space


Often a child or teenager will spend hours in their room. As parents it can often be a place of great mystery and wonderment for us when we open those bedroom doors.


The Good Counsel specialist feng shui and design specialists work with parents and teenagers to make their own space the best retreat and haven it can be for your teenager of child.


This concept is where your teenager or child's living space or bedroom can be assessed and a new space designed to transform and create a healthy, age appropriate positive space that is conducive to study, relaxation and also restful sleep.


Introducing the teenagers favourite images they apsire to, access to music, meditation areas, calming and cooling colours, appropriate lighting for studying, relaxing and sleeping, decluttering, scent based therapies  and reorganising are all part of the process or transformation.


Minimizing harsh lighting, social media access and computer and gaming in this space will be discussed with your teenager/child to ensure they are happy and healthy in their own personal space.

Yoga As Therapy


The transformative powers and healing benefits of yoga are far reaching for all ages and stages of life.


The therapeutic benefit comes in when a yoga class is designed to create balance through posture, breathing and meditation techniques.


Together, those three tools can trigger the relaxation response — the antidote to your body's stress response — and that's where the real healing happens.


Yoga assists us to access the parasympathetic nervous system to soothe and calm the physical body rather than operating from a constant flight or flight state. 


Allow us to introduce you to a personally designed yoga sequence/or series that will focus on the concerns most pertinent to you from restorative benefits to a more trauma informed or specifically targeted sequence to address anxiety, depression and other imbalances or concerns.


You will come away felling calmer, lighter and able to cope with grace with the challenges that life throws at us.


Contact us to learn more about the Spirit Flow Studio and Yoga classes and Workshops.