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A child’s safety is imperative and first and foremost in counselling children.


Counselling may include one or both parents depending on the age of the child and the issues involved. 


The first priority before counselling will be to assess the situation and needs of the child, the extent of their issues and behaviours and whether they are at any risk.


In counselling the child will be encouraged to express and explore their own reality, how the world is for them and what concerns them. This may be done through speaking, or with younger children through games, play, sand play or art therapy. In this safe and supportive environment, they are able to travel at their own pace.


The child or adolescent will be encouraged to talk about feelings, thoughts and needs, which they may not be able or comfortable to express in front of their parents or friends.


Through the process the deeper motivation for a child’s behaviour will become evident. Emotional issues can be explored and practical real-life solutions offered.


Parents will be invited to participate as necessary and when it’s appropriate. 


Happy, well-adjusted and resilient children have skills that they can use to communicate what’s going on for them.


What is more important is that they have the capacity to ask for help when they need it, but sometimes, children lack the ability to convey things that have affected them. 


There is no judgement of abilities or parenting styles in this process, our common goal is to assist the child in their mental health, happiness and their right to thrive.


Where necessary therapy may include the parents to form a plan to address particular areas of concern and ensure the health and well being of your family.